Ella Kaye

Statistics PhD and R enthusiast

The University of Warwick

Hello! I am a PhD student in Statistics at the University of Warwick. I am part of the OxWaSP programme. I am interested in Applied Statistics, particularly as applied in the Social Sciences. I am currently working on a project analysing data from applications to undergraduate statistics courses in the Statistics department at Warwick. I am supervised by Dr Julia Brettschneider and Dr Anastasia Papavasiliou.

I am an R enthusiast. I am the author, along with Prof David Firth of the BradleyTerryScalable package, which is available on GitHub. I am co-organiser of the Oxford R User Group and also a member of the Warwick R User Group.

Prior to the PhD, my academic path has taken me from a BA in Mathematics and Philosophy (University of Oxford), through an MA in History and Philosophy of Science and Technology (University of Toronto), an MPhil in Mathematics Education (University of Cambridge) and an MSc in Applied Statistics (University of Oxford). I also have a PGCE in Secondary Mathematics, have taught at secondary school, and worked in market research.


  • Applied Statistics
  • R and #rstats


  • PhD in Statistics, in progress

    University of Warwick

  • MSc in Applied Statistics, 2015

    University of Oxford

  • PGCE in Secondary Mathematics, 2010

    University of Oxford

  • MPhil in Mathematics Education, 2008

    University of Cambridge

  • MA in History and Philosophy of Science and Technology, 2007

    University of Toronto

  • BA/MA in Mathematics and Philosophy, 2005

    University of Oxford

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