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There’s a little R function that I wrote and packaged up to generate a vector or data frame of words of a given length. I find it useful in a wide variety of contexts and thought other might too. To kick off my new blog, here’s a post about it. The function, n_letter_words, came about because I wanted to be able to generate row and column names for a large matrix - didn’t matter what they were, as long as they were unique.


R packages

I am an R enthusiast and enjoy developing packages.

  • BradleyTerryScalable: An R package to fit the Bradley-Terry model to large and potentially sparse datasets. The package is developed on GitHub and available on CRAN. The development documentation is available here.

  • EMK: A personal package, available on GitHub, to collect various functions I’ve written that I find useful in a number of settings.


I am/have been a teaching instructor for the following courses at the University of Warwick: